Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh Where Have You Gone Bo Jackson?

If you just can't wait to see what the fuss is about check out the clip on youtube by clicking the above link.

Once in a lifetime does an athlete so captivate us the way Bo Jackson did. A two sport athlete, Nike commercials every 10 minutes, the world at his fingertips, and most importantly complete and utter dominance as a video game running back in the original Tecmo Bowl.

Keeping with the tradition of never talking about anything important on our weblog, I am here to shine the spotlight on a man who holds the crown as most legitimate video game man ever. A man I wish I was, and a man you should wish you were...Tecmo Bo. No not Tecmo Bowl but Tecmo Bo...as in Jackson. He was unstoppable. He was faster than every player in the game and his opposition would bounce off of him like Orvil Reddenbacher popcorn. While the 8 bit graphics were not of quality enough to see little Tecmo Bo's face, I'm sure he was grinning at the ease by which he slashed through his competition. Those little 8 bit Tecmo legs of his were weapons of mass destruction...check this clip out...it'll take you back...


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