Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just Plain Nuts - #2

Captain Dirty or Dwight Howard???

I don't know if you were fortunate enough to catch this year's slam dunk competition but it was a doozy. Dwight Howard, who eventually took home the title brought us back to the days of Dominique, Jordan, Spud Webb, and Vince Carter. For too long the lack of creativity and entertainment made watching the slam dunk competition as exciting as waiting in line at the DMV. That all changed this year and I also couldn't help but notice something else...Dwight Howard donned a cape and an "S" on his chest as he made like Superman and flew to the rim.

His outfit looked awfully similar to...nahhh you're gonna say I'm crazy. Well, his outfit couldn't help but make me wonder if that was couldn't have been, could it? There's a small part of me that truly believes that was actually Captain Dirty laying down those nasty dunks. Check out the pics and you be the judge. If you look close you can actually see in both pictures the man in tights is keepin' it dirty...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just Plain Nuts - Comic Strip

Pete Rose and his Glass House

As many of us know the Mitchell report came out which listed many pro ballplayers who allegedly used performance enhancing drugs. It took him 18 months to investigate and put a report together so I tend to believe a fair share of what it said. This undoubtedly casts a dark shadow on America's game and leaves us to question our heroes and their accomplishments. Do we thro wout Bonds' home run records, do we keep Roger Clemens out of the Hall of Fame, and do we strip all of the MVP's of their honors who were known to be juicing? These are all tough questions that I am glad I don't have to make decisions on. But what I do know is that I will forever question the validity of the athletic accomplishments of any athlete in the last 20 years and into the future.

With all that is going on do you know who decided to speak out? Pete Rose. He said that if players are using performance enhancing drugs then they are making a mockery of the game. While I agree with that statement it just sounds funny coming from such a jackass like Pete Rose. This is the same guy that was betting on baseball while he managed the Reds, lied about it for 18 years, then came clean and said, "yea OK, I lied for almost 2 decades but I really did bet on baseball." He's been banned from baseball and rightfully so. I just think it's ironic that the guy who was banned from baseball is the one throwing stones in his glass house. It's like OJ Simpson reprimanding Michael Vick, telling him kiling is wrong. I don't care that the glove didn't fit OJ, we all know what you did, and YOU know what you did. I digress. Back to Pete. Players using performance enhancing drugs compromised the integrity of the game, a punishable offense. Hey Pete, do you think gambling on a team you managed compromised the integrity of the game? Oh that's right you said you never bet AGAINST your team...probably like you said you didn't bet on baseball for 18 years. What a jackass.

As you can tell I don't like Pete Rose. He was a jackass when he played (he broke a guy's shoulder during an friendly All-Star game), he was a jackass when he managed (he bet on baseball), and he is still a jackass today (lied for 18 years and showed no remorse). I have my own personal "I hate Pete Rose" encounter. I was about 10 years old and my family and I were eating at his restaurant. He happened to be there and he was signing autographs at a table. He was SO mean and ornery towards people you'd think the Taliban was forcing him to sign autographs. So here I was as a 10 yr old excited to meet and get an autograph from baseball's Hit King...I got my signature and in my haste I forgot to grab the freebie placards they were giving out to everyone. I turn around to take one and Pete startes me down, snarls at me and grabs the pile away from me so I can't take one. I was 10 yrs old! What a jackass. I don't wish harm on many people but he is a man who truly deserves anything bad that happens to him. I hope het gets hiccups that last for 18 years or something. The really bad ones too, the ones that feel like you're heart is going to burst out of your chest. That would do him some good.

Lastly, he was asked if steroids were present in his day how many hits would he have. He said 5,000. Yea OK Pete, do you not realize that all of your bloop singles would now carry to the outfield for lazy fly outs? Words of advice from Pete Rose....shut your pie hole and go back to praying they lift your liftetime ban. If you're lucky you'll end up like Shoeless Joe Jackson...they won't let you in the Hall of Fame, but at least you wouldn't be remembered as the Jackass that you are.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

2 New Shirts Released!

2008 hopes to be a blockbuster year for Dirty Jerseys and for you as the t-shirt wearing public. It is our goal to release a lot of shirts this year that meet your needs as customers. We are already releasing two new shirts (Belmar Gym, My Exit or Yours) and plan to release many more over the course of the year.

Also check out our customer photo contest! All you have to do is submit a picture of yourself in a Dirty Jersey, how easy is that! Once the judging is complete, 1st place will get their choice of 2 free shirts and 2nd place will get their choice of one free shirt.

And most importantly, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to email us your ideas for shirts, and if we end up making it you'll be sure to get one for free! Or just drop us a line to chat or say hi. See ya soon!