Sunday, March 23, 2008

Marshall's and Me

OK so upon looking in my closet recently I learned a few things:
- I have a lot of Dirty Jerseys (but they are great quality and you can never have enough)
- I am a terrible dresser
- And 80% of my wardrobe is from the heavily discounted yet highly fashionable Marshall's

I say this not because I really have nothing else to write about, but more to give an underappreciated entity it's rightful moment in the sun. Think about what it would be like to roll out of bed with nothing cool to wear, or perhaps think about what it would be like to choose from the 1 of 3 shirts you own from Ralph Lauren because you couldn't afford more than 3 shirts that you continue to wear in a cycle. Now, think about a world where you can have something cool to wear and have a full closet of Ralph Lauren shirts that you bought at reasonable prices. The latter is the world we live in and because of that I am quite proud to be an American. Here's to you "only has Marshall's clothes in his closet" guy.

We thank you Marshall's for providing us a life we wouldn't know without you...Brand name clothes at low low prices is a godsend. The only downside is that your low prices have made it that much easier for toolbags to buy their brand named collared shirts that they "pop". Well no world is perfect I guess.

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