Monday, March 10, 2008

Governor Gone Wild

Unless you live in Franklin or some other town that time has passed by, you've heard about New York state Governor Elliot Spitzer and his role in an illegal prostitution ring opperating out of Washington D.C. This came as a surprise to politicians and citizens alike, as Spitzer has portrayed himself as a clean cut family man, hell bent on bringing moral values back to government.
Now I know that most of us have a tendency to believe what the mainstream media tells us, however being a constant skeptic I was able to dig a little deeper than the 6 o'clock news and discover what really went down in our nations capital.

On February 13, 2008, Spitzer was in Washington on his way to the Capitol Building when he was approached by trainer Brian McNamme. McNamme is said to have offered Spitzer a B12 injection to give Spitzer the edge that he needed when addressing Congress. Spitzer considered the proposal and ultimately decided to take McNamme up on his offer. Unfortunately what Spitzer didn't know was that McNamme wasn't injecting him with B12, but rather a highly potent drug called "Callawhore". According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), when taken in large doses Callawhore can cause even the most holy of men to make questionable decisions.
Later that night, after the drug had fully impaired Spitzer and his ability to make sound decisions, McNamme arrived at Spitzers hotel door with a young lady. McNamme explained to Spitzer that the young lady was there to clean the room and make sure that Spitzer felt at home. Spitzer agreed to let the girl stay and resummed his bible studies.
Somewhere around 11pm, McNamme returned to the hotel room, but this time he was drunk. In a drunken rage McNamme forced Spitzer and the young woman to engage in unholy sexual acts for his own personal enjoyment. After several hours of horror, McNamme passed out. It was during this time that Spitzer and the young woman were able to escape to the refuge of a nearby church.

As you can see the mainstream media has once again clearly distorted the facts. Elliot Spitzer is a true American icon and deserves to be held in the highest regards. Shame on you Brian McNamme...Shame on you.

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