Friday, March 28, 2008

Hidden Danger

Growing up in Sussex County gave me a rather distorted reality of New Jersey's highway system. As a young man most of my driving consisted of cuising route 565, Madison Reservoir Road, and the occational trip down route 15. For those of you unfamiliar with these "roads less traveled", my greatest concern was whether or not one of those damn deers (as my friends from cenral jersey call them) was going to leap aimlessly infront of my car.
Anyway, now that I live in Morristown I spend a lot more time on roads like route 287, route 80, and my favorite, route 24. Generally speaking, deer don't tend to be a major problem on any of these highways, however their exists an even greater danger to all drivers. A danger that no one ever sees coming. A danger that drives large, hits hard, and when all is over, will admit no fault whatsoever...the danger I speak of...well, lets just put it this way, it makes a hell of a General Tso's Chicken. I know its wrong to make gross generalizations and stereotype people, but COME ON!!! You all know what I'm talking about. There isn''t a single one of you out there that hasn't been cut off by a Ford Excursion traveling 85 mph in the right lane with the right blinker flashing...this is scary stuff and stuff that I wish I could offer a possible defense to. Unfortunately between the elderly, the youth, and our friends from the east, the highways in New Jersey aren't the safest place, but come on folks, this is what makes New Jersey one of the coolest places to live. If I wanted to live somewhere that I didn't have to worry about stuff like this I would move to Montana or some other lonely state. Living in the Garden State is fast paced, edge of your seat kind of driving and if you can't handle it, well, maybe you should check out what the Keystone State has to offer.

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